Hey there, I'm Tuba, your adventure guide into a world of wonder!

Curious about the story behind my name? If you guessed Turkish roots, you're spot-on and in for a treat. My lineage takes me back to the dynamic Oguz tribe, deeply rooted in the enchanting Turkish heritage. Picture this: my family's origins hail from Koyunlu, Nigde, nestled within the captivating realm of Cappadocia. We're talking nomadic legends, shamanic expertise, and the artistry of crafting stunning textiles and rugs using our very own vibrant vegetable dyes.

As I blossomed in Bursa, aptly known as the "capital city of silk" and the historical crossroads of the silk road, I soaked up the legacy of ingenious craftsmen and artisans. And let me tell you, my family's got quite the reputation in the Ottoman empire. We're famed for weaving exceptional textiles from nature's finest: think linen, cotton, and wool. Oh, and here's the kicker: we're all about those organic, chemical-free vegetable dyes. These Turkish textiles? They've been coveted worldwide for eons.

Growing up steeped in the family's textile tapestry, I got a backstage pass to the mesmerizing world of crafting and exporting top-tier goodies worldwide. Our secret sauce? Uncompromising attention to detail and meticulous inspections - they're our heartbeat.

Hold on, the women in my family? Absolute powerhouses. Decisive, intuitive, and masters at decoding fabrics. They passed down priceless wisdom, like a secret code to deciphering natural fabrics.

Ready for the magic formula to spot natural fabrics?

  1. Sniff it. A true natural fabric won't have that chemical scent.
  2. Feel it. Rub that fabric between your fingers - no heat? It's nature's fiber at play.
  3. Burn it. A tiny thread from the fabric, please. Natural fibers? They gracefully turn to ash.

But here's the golden nugget: pick only the crème de la crème fabric. Your skin deserves nothing less than luxury! Let your body breathe, unrestricted.

Fast forward through my journey, I've met an array of awe-inspiring women. Each has left an indelible mark on my soul. Now? I'm surrounded by an international tribe of women on a mission - a mission to uplift one another. We're all about fostering global connections, radiating positive vibes, and sowing seeds of self-love and love for all.

And guess what? When you become a part of The Tubazaar family, you're not just shopping, you're joining our vibrant tribe. Your impact on my life? Immeasurable and oh-so-cherished. So here's to making waves, together. Let's go!